Hydropress Cider Wine Fruit Press (23.8 Gallon)

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You just have to give fruit, grapes, berries and so on in EJWOX hydro-presses. Faucets open and you watch. Water pressure expanded hydro-core squeezes fruits in the filter bag from the inside to the outside of the stainless steel basket grille. Consequently, large quantities of juice and less waste are produced. The liquid paths allow for greater care for vitamins; the juice is freshly aromatic. Thanks to the high pressures required for extremely high juice yield, even when the juice hopper is only partially filled. The Hydropress reduces the total energy consumption, brilliantly simple drive, using garden hose with normal water supply without electricity or muscle strength.

  • Maximum water pressure: 3 Bar.
  • Uses garden hose water pressure.
  • Sheet metal gap for better output.
  • Supplied with a bag and protection against splash water.
  • Works great for pears, apples, berries and more.