EJWOX Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard - Outdoors Large Ant Moat with Hooks, 2-Pack, Red

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Keep those pesky ants away from your hanging bird feeders. This ant guard helps ensure the birds (and not the ants) will enjoy the fresh nectar. The Perky-Pet Ant Guard effectively repels ants from feeders and easily mounts in-line with hanging bird feeders. This ant guards which has been proven safe around birds, pets and people.

Practical and pretty ant moat keeps bees and ants out of your hummingbird nectar.The best of both worlds for your garden!

Constructed of striking ruby red UV-stabilized polycarbonate, durable and long-lasting.

Easy to use.Fill with water, and the ants and bees can't get past it.

Overall dimensions: 7.87 inches x 2.76 inches x 1.97 inches .Much Larger than most competitor product

Leak-proof and rust-proof desing,No tools needed for installation with stainless steel hook