Compost Turner and Mixing Tool for Outdoor Compost Tumbler Bins

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  • Speed Your Compost Pile - Add air to your bin full of grass clippings, leaves, and vegetable scraps for speeding up compost process
  • Corkscrew-Like Design - Crafted from sturdy steel with a free spinning hardwood handle, allowing the user to aerate compost with ease and efficiency, and without strain.
  • Easy to Use - Place the corkscrew end deep into your compost pile and turn the crank, drawing core material to the surface. Repeat several times until your compost is well aerated.
  • Best Partner with EJWOX Compost Bin - No matter waht you like, or where you live, you can chose one compost bin or tumbler from EJWOX store.
  • Make Life Greener - Composting is the best way to convert food waste into plant food which would enrich the soil.