Hydropress Wine/Cider/Fruit Press-5.3/10.7 Gal

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You just have to give fruit, grapes, berries and so on in EJWOX hydro-presses. Faucets open and you watch. Water pressure expanded hydro-core squeezes fruits in the filter bag from the inside to the outside of the stainless steel basket grille. Consequently, large quantities of juice and less waste are produced. The liquid paths allow for greater care for vitamins; the juice is freshly aromatic. Thanks to the high pressures required for extremely high juice yield, even when the juice hopper is only partially filled. The Hydropress reduces the total energy consumption, brilliantly simple drive, using garden hose with normal water supply without electricity or muscle strength.


  • 5.3/ 10.7 Gallon Capacity with maximum water pressure: 3 Bar
  • Uses garden hose water pressure
  • Sheet metal gap for better output
  • Supplied with a bag and protection against splash water
  • Works great for pears, apples, berries and more

   Product Details and Features

   Manufacturer: EJWOX PRODUCTS INC.

    Size:  5.3 Gallon

    Style No.: 1131

    Package Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 32 inches

    Item Weight: 33.8 pounds

    Material:   304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel

    Size:  10.7 Gallon

    Style No.: 1132

    Package Dimensions:  30 x 22.3 x 21.8 inches

    Item Weight:  47.5 pounds

    Material:   304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Product Description 

Energy-saving & Ingeniously Simple Drive Mechanism - Connect up a garden hose to the normal domestic water supply and turn the tap on. The tap water expands the rubber diaphragm inside the press and presses the ground fruit against the mesh basket. The pressure and pressing time can be regulated by turning on the tap more or less.

Easier to Use - Simply grind fruit, grapes or berries and fill up the hydraulic press, turn the tap on and watch as the pressure of the incoming tap water compresses the ground material from the inside to the outside against the mesh basket.(Supplied with 1 pack filter bag and splash guard against splash water)

Multifunction Hydraulic Press - This Bladder presses are suitable for pressing juice from pre-shredded apples, grapes, red currants and many other fruits, vegetables and berries. It can also be used for pressing rhubarb, honeycomb, tomatoes, macerated tobacco or citrus fruit.

HIGH JUICE YIELD/LESS WASTE - The rapid pressing and the short flow distance preserve the vitamins; the juice has a wonderfully fresh aroma. Due to the high pressure applied, you achieve an exceptionally high juice yield, even if the press basket is only partially filled.

Advantages:Much quicker than a traditional press/Easier to clean/Less oxidation of juice/Less effort as the water does all the work/Works off a standard mains tap (preferably outside)



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joshua Friese
Love the juice

Lot easier to the traditional press. The fitting for the water hose does not fit the regular hose. Has fine threads and the hose has wide. Adapter helped but not perfect
Overall looking forward to next year!!

Elyas Beria
Solid and just works

I've been using this press for 2 years now. It's solidly built and just works. I use it for pressing apples and get a really dry pomace after pressing—very efficient. And it's relatively easy to clean as long as you use the mesh filter bag.

Matthias Friedlein
Easy and powerful

I'm very satisfied with this hydropress, because of it's easy and simply usage - espacially for chopped apples and pears. It's works fine with the normal water pressure of our home water system with (Germany, 3,5 bar). The yield is near by 75% of the weigth of inserted, chopped fruits (apples, pears near by 80%).