EJWOX Large Garden Compost bin -80 Gallon(300 L)-Recycled Plastic, Easy Assembling, Black/Green Door

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EJWOX Compost Bin - Efficient and simple alternatives for the use of organic waste from houses, companies, condos, sodas, restaurants, hotels, educational centers and communities in general.

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM- In this composter, four air vents are designed on each of the side which allows the circulation of air for absorbing oxygen with high efficiency of fermentation

EASY TO ASSEMBLE-This composter is easy to assemble and operate, only six components included. After installing with the guidance, the composter is ready to use with convenient steps.

SUPER LARGE CAPACITY-The capacity of the composter is large enough(80Gal/300L) for extended usage and reduce the frequency of operation compare with smaller sized composters for higher efficiency of composting and fermentation.

SHORT PROCESSING TIME-This composter requires short time for composting and fermentation, only takes about 6-8 weeks to totally compost the materials to fertilizer which is directly useful in gardens, not only disposes trashes but also operate them to be useful for high efficiency of usage.

90% RECYCLED MATERIALS-This composter is manufactured with 90% recycled materials, compare with the plastic pollution caused by other plastic products, it is more environmentally friendly.

Customer Reviews

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Not what I expected.

There is no divider, tumbler, or separate chamber. It’s just a big plastic box with no floor to it. Would have been easier and cheaper to buy a trash can and poke holes in it. Bought mine off Amazon.

There is no tumbler.

I would rate this no stars if allowed. It is just a big, bottomless, plastic box.

Michael Tharkur
No divider inside

I just received the 80 gallon bin. The manual refers to a divider inside but there is none. Without this, one would have to remove all the material each time including material added at the top part that might not yet be composted. Not quite clear about this.

Jill Steele
No directions on putting it together

I like the size and construction but no instructions written or drawings as to how to put it together. I figured it out fairly quickly, but the top hinges are too big for their space making it impossible to attach. Is there some clue as to how to make it work?