EJWOX Vertical Raised Garden Bed with 5 Self Watering Pots - Indoor Outdoor Elevated Freestanding Kit, Water-Smart Design

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Personalise your backyard or balcony with your choice of decorative floral displays or edible crops such as herbs, salad leaves and strawberries. EJWOX Freestanding (Vertical Garden Kit) softens hard features and improves air quality.

Container Gardening - Featuring a robust, coated steel frame,allows you to create a portable garden anywhere, anytime. Ideal for patios, decks and verandahs.

Self Watering - Pots feature water-smart design with integrated saucer to prevent over-watering and conserve excess water.

Food-Grade Materials - With EJWOX,you can build your own organic garden bed with an ingeniously simple DIY process, food-grade materials, and coated steel frame that will last for decades.

Quick and Easy to Set Up - Follow the instruction on the left to assmebly it. Suitable for fruits, vegies, herbs & flowers.

Handy Hints - Depending on your plants, it’s best to maximise the amount of natural light by positioning the plants in a sunny, north facing position.